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Take advantage of our Advanced Eye Care Service ..

Eyecare technology is moving ahead here at Pagan & McQuade Opticians and we would like to introduce you to our new advanced eyecare service through which you will have direct access to our latest healthcare technology.  To keep your eyes healthy, we can now look deeper (under your retina) and wider (toward the edges) of your inner eye than we have ever been able to achieve before.

A Deeper View

Our OCT inspects below the surface of your retina to check for numerous eye conditions including macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, vitreous detachment and macular holes amongst others.

A Wider View – from our OPTOMAP

The only instrument of its kind in Scarborough which provides you with an ultra wide, digital retinal image with a 200 degree field of view compared to a 45 degree view from conventional retinal cameras.  Take a look at the difference Optomap makes in the image below.

Your scans are non-invasive and painless.  Our software can detect the most subtle changes below your retina at every examination.  This degree of analysis is not achievable with the equipment available in a standard NHS eye examination.

Your retinal health is important.  An unheathy retina cannot send clear signals to your brain resulting in impaired vision.  Many retinal conditions and other diseases can be treated sooner with the earlier detection that our technology provides, offering the potential for better visual outcomes.

Is this equipment available at the Opticians under the NHS?

No – under the NHS our fees have been frozen for over 5 years.  There is no NHS funding of this equipment.  Whilst we will continue to give our best endeavours under the NHS as we have always done, it is by private fees that we are able to offer class leading equipment to our patients.


For all the above scans, examinations, extra time and analysis, the private fee is £129.  However, to make this health advance affordable, we now offer it at a reduced rate by direct debit at £8.97 per month for an annual examination including this equipment to protect your eye healthcare.

Our Advanced Eyecare Service allows you to access a new, higher standard of eyecare than we have been able to offer before.

So we now look deeper and look wider to protect your eye health with the Pagan & McQuade Advanced Eyecare Service at a fee of £8.97 per month.  Bob Barr MCOptom and Louise Bailey MCOptom, your Optometrists at Pagan & McQuade Opticians recommend and fully endorse the Advanced Eyecare Service to you.

Pop in to Pagan & McQuade and speak to your favourite eyecare specialist about how the Premier Eye Care Service would work for you or call us now on 01723 371250.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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It’s hard to know what we are not hearing. Find out what you are missing with a professional hearing test. It’s free & you can book online.
Also, professional earwax removal using microsuction.
Find out more at Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care or simply book online and choose a hearing appointment.
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We started providing NHS eye examinations in Scarborough way back in 1988.  We still have an NHS contract and we continue to provide the NHS eye examination to qualifying groups of people. We provide private eye examinations if you do not qualify for an NHS funded examination.

The content of your NHS eye examination will vary depending upon your needs but will usually consist of the following:

We start by asking you for your reason for attending your eye examination as this will help us to establish the most appropriate means of examining your eyes and “testing” your eyesight.

We take your history and symptoms and record any medication you may be taking.

We check your unaided vision standard without spectacles for each eye individually.

We then check the eye balance and co-operation between your eyes as problems here can result in eye strain and headache.

You will then have your external eye and eyelids examined, moving on to shining light within your inner eye to check the health of your cornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous humor and retina.  Your eye pressures and visual fields will be checked at the Optometrist’s discretion subject to age criteria and your presenting signs and symptoms.

Hopefully at this stage there will be confirmation that the structures around and within the eye are in a healthy condition and if so, the Optometrist will then concentrate on the measurement of your refraction to see whether you have a refractive error.  This does not mean that your eyes are unhealthy but it may mean that your eyes are not as efficient as they could be for the visual tasks that you need to perform in your day.  Symptoms here can include blurred vision, eye strain, tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, falling asleep and various headache scenarios.For your reassurance, having a confirmed refractive error is simply a variation on a normal eye and not a disease process although it certainly can produce unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms requiring attention.

Your Optometrist will then present their findings for you and if needed, will recommend a spectacle prescription to relieve your symptoms and improve your visual performance.  We are always happy to answer your questions about your eyes.

With your permission, in your presence and usually within the consulting room to protect your privacy, we discreetly share your findings with your Dispensing Optician who is qualified to advise you on the most suitable lifestyle lenses to provide you with optimal visual performance and to eliminate symptoms of tiredness etc.  The Optometrist will sign an NHS prescription (Form GOS 2) which is for you to keep as a permanent record of your spectacle prescription found on that date.

We hope that the above gives reassurance that your NHS “eye test” is not something that you can fail. We try to make the examination as relaxed and friendly as possible and it is important to us that you leave our consulting room feeling comfortable that we have covered your concerns and provided individual advice and appropriate reassurance.

4% of NHS eye examinations result in a referral to another health care professional for further investigation.  In the unlikely event that you require a referral we will fully explain the reasons for this, what the next steps are on your eye care journey and the likely time frame for your next appointment.

We are with you all the way and being Scarborough’s longest established Optician means you can rely on us to provide for your ongoing eyecare needs over time.

You will qualify for an NHS funded sight test (which is free of charge to you) if:

You are under 16

You are 16, 17 or 18 and in full time education

You are 60 or over

You are registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired

You have diabetes or glaucoma

You are 40 or over with a mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter with glaucoma

You have been advised by an ophthalmologist that you are at risk of glaucoma

You are prisoner on leave

You are eligible for an NHS complex lens voucher

You receive Income Support

You receive Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (not contribution based)

You receive Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

You receive Income-based Employment & Support Allowance

You are awarded Universal Credit & do not exceed the earnings limit

You have a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate

You are named on a valid NHS certificate for full help with health costs (Form HC2)

Please see the NHS choices website for further details.

Our apologies for the length of the list for NHS eligibility but we hope it was helpful if you managed to read this far!




Auto focimeter

Screening instruments before seeing your Optometrist

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For a limited time, we are offering you the opportunity to apply for a free eyewear styling consultation at Pagan & McQuade.

Our unique eyewear styling consultation makes the process of choosing glasses easier. It allows us to define for you what shape, style and colour of eyewear would work best for you. It shows you all the eyewear style possibilities that are suitable for you, and makes it easy for you to make a decision on your new glasses.

It’s very relaxed and enjoyable and there’s no obligation to buy at the end of it.

We only have a limited number of free consultations available, so please enter your details and click the button below to apply for your voucher.

To apply for your free eyewear styling consultation, please help us by answering this quick question and complete the boxes below:

What prompts you to request an eyewear styling consultation right now? What’s your main motivation? Please be as specific as you can.

Book your style consultation

Your chair awaits .... more time to choose

Latest Technology

Hearing Care

Red Eye Clinic

Low Vision Service

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Visionary technology

We offer the most advanced eye test outside of a hospital. Why? Because our primary concern is your eye health and because most eye problems are easier to fix when discovered early.

“Surely an eye test is an eye test, what’s the difference?” We make more time available for you and have some clever pieces of equipment that allow us to offer a unique service.

Laser focus

First is our laser scanner. It’s not so long ago that an optician would draw what they saw when they looked at your retina. They’d put that drawing in your notes and then check it at your next appointment to see if anything had progressed. Too bad if different opticians had different drawing styles.

Of course, nowadays a retinal photograph is the standard way of creating a record of the back of your eye. One of the unique things about the retina is that we can see your blood vessels. If they are constricted or convoluted then they are probably like that throughout your body.  Opticians can spot those issues early and can direct you towards the most appropriate treatment.

However we go much further with our laser scanner.  This allows us to see through the top layers of your retina to the structures underneath and it shows everything in much more detail. The benefit for you is earlier detection of eye problems before they start to cause a problem.  This can be potentially sight saving and certainly provides peace of mind for all when everything looks healthy on the scan.

Panoramic inspection

Imagine trying to inspect a room by looking through the cardboard inner tube from a kitchen roll. That’s what a normal retinal photograph is like .. it shows just a sample of your retina. Of course opticians look at the most important part of your eye, but there’s a lot more to be seen to the sides.

At Pagan & McQuade, our Optomap (being the only wide angle camera in Scarborough) provides a wide-field retinal photograph and is more like entering the room and being able to look around widely and naturally. It lets us check the majority of your retina so you can rest assured everything’s fine.

Tears for tired eyes

Tears are really complicated. There’s an oil layer and a salt-water layer and different processes for keeping everything right. They may not be working efficiently, especially as we get older. If you get tired eyes, soreness or redness, especially at the end of a long day, the composition of your tears may be part of the problem. We can often ease your symptoms, but first we need to see what’s happening and for that we have a tear-analyser. It’s completely painless, (perhaps obviously) and it just tells us what’s up so we can help your eyes get comfortable again.  We often find that dry eyes are the cause of watery eyes!  Strange but definitely true!

Take the shaded side

Our profession is very concerned that a combination of more UV, poor diet, light reflection in the environment and living longer is contributing to an increase in macular degeneration.

The macula is the super-intense part of your retina that handles what you are directly looking at. The rest is peripheral vision, that handles movement, mainly so you can spot threats. But the macula is what you use when you read, watch TV, do hobbies, drive and use your computer or phone. It’s really important.  The macula has the highest metabolic activity in the body and needs to be healthy to function at this intensity.

Body metabolism of oxygen triggers free radical production that progressively damages the cells in your body.  The free radicals in the eye are produced by metabolising light.  UV light has more energy and produces more free radicals.  Don’t worry though, because a protective pigment layer sits on top of the macula helping to filter out the UV.

Thank goodness we have a protective pigment layer! Except if it’s depleted. If it is, you can eat lots of kale, spinach and broccoli which have naturally high levels of lutein pigment which contributes to your macular pigment layer.

We have a machine that will measure your protective pigment layer and if it’s good, everyone’s happy. But if your pigment layer is thin we can advise on macular health as we all want our eyesight to last our full lifetime.

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After 31 years of being your local experts in eyecare, it has been a natural progression of our caring role to look after your hearing too!

Our audiology patients receive the same care excellence that you expect when visiting us to have your eyes checked.  We have our own fully qualified audiologist and we have the finest hearing test equipment installed in our Westborough premises.

May we introduce your audiology team, Joe Tomlinson and Ashleigh Cappleman.  Joe is our local, fully qualified hearing aid audiologist who has many years of experience.  Ashleigh is working alongside Joe as our hearing care professional, supporting Joe in the smooth running of our audiology service.  Joe and Ashleigh would love to take care of you.

Initially this would be a 90 minute appointment and there are no consultation charges for the appointment.  If you’d like to accept our offer of a free hearing assessment please book an appointment through our website or contact Pagan & McQuade Opticians on 01723 371250 to ask any questions about hearing that you may have.


Hearing Care Team

Ashleigh and Joe

What you can look forward to at Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care

  • Hearing Assessments
  • Hearing Aid Trial Facility
  • Video Otoscopy – see what your Audiologist is checking
  • Hearing Aids – Class leading Technology and Service
  • Hearing Aid Programming and Adjustment for the life of your Hearing Aid
  • Ear wax Removal by micro-suction
  • Assistive Listening Devices including Fall Alarms, Language Translation & Music Streaming
  • Hearing Aid Repair Service for all Manufacturers

If you already wear hearing aids then you can join us for on-going aftercare for a small monthly fee.




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Pagan & McQuade’s Optometrists are accredited with the MECS scheme (Minor Eye Conditions Service) to provide clinical appointments and advice for red eyes and other conditions. This expansion of Optometrist care allows us to investigate and monitor more eye conditions on your behalf than the standard NHS sight test. We have found the uptake of this service to be very well received by patients in the local area.  Entitlement for NHS funding for your appointment is dependent on being registered with a local GP practice.  MECS eye appointments are also available with Pagan & McQuade Opticians privately.

Examples of conditions suitable for investigation, assessment and management advice under this service are:

  • Dry, Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
  • Blurred vision
  • Visual Field Loss
  • Flashes and Floaters (Posterior Vitreous Detachment or Retinal Detachment)
  • Headaches
  • Foreign Bodies
  • Watering Eyes
  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis
  • Viral Conjunctivitis
  • Eye Lid Disease
  • Blepharitis (eyelid margin inflammation)
  • Entropion (inward turning eyelids)
  • Extropion (outward turning eyelids)
  • Meibomian Gland Disfunction
  • Double Vision
  • Retinal Pigmentary Changes
  • Retinal Peripheral Degenerations
  • Choroiditis (inner eye inflammation)
  • Choroidal Naevi (inner eye pigmentation)
Eye drops

Please contact us for further information on access to this NHS Minor Eye Conditions Service.

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We provide a FREE NHS low vision assessment if you wear spectacles or contact lenses and they are insufficient to correct your eyesight to a satisfactory, serviceable standard, perhaps because you have an associated eye condition resulting in reduced vision such as a corneal opacity, retinal macular disease or other eye health issues, funded by our local NHS. This FREE NHS Low Vision Assessment Clinic is based at Pagan & McQuade Opticians or we can come to your home for your assessment if you have mobility issues.

If you are found to need low vision aid equipment to help you see to a better standard such as a magnifier or telescope then we can also provide those on loan from the NHS .. also free of charge.  Entitlement to this service requires you to be registered with a local GP practice.  We also offer low vision assessments privately and we have some very clever, state of the art digital magnifiers in practice to show you.  Call us on 01723 371250 to set up an appointment or arrange a demonstration.

If you think you or one of your relatives may be suitable for this service, please contact us for more information. Speak to any of us, but if you happen to speak with Marie, she runs the service.

magnifiers for low vision

Perhaps most importantly at the end of the examination, time is allocated for advice about your eyes to be given, for any questions you may have to be fully answered and for a full explanation of the benefits for you of the optometrist’s advice. Our clients tell us how much they value the time we spend with them and the reassurance this provides.

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