About us

As Scarborough’s leading independent optician, we spend the time and have the advanced technology to help you see and to help you live your best life.

What does that mean? Eyewear is not just about being able to see things. Your eyewear style sends messages, it tells others about you. It can open up opportunities or close them.

Everyone is different. Knowing that you go swimming or enjoy the theatre, that you work with computers or drive for a living, that your hobby is golf or needlepoint, .. these aspects lead to radically different advice being given.

We just want you to be healthy and live your best life while looking amazing. That takes time and trust.

So we get to know you.

Not all eye tests are the same. (Actually, with our Optomap and OCT, we look deeper and wider into your eyes than standard eye examinations in Scarborough.)

Hopefully you will like what we do and want to stay with us. So when you walk in, it’s like seeing your friends again. And when you walk out wearing your new glasses, you’ll feel ready for anything, seeing well and looking fabulous.

That’s the Pagan & McQuade quality difference. We want you to enjoy it.

Since our company started in 1986 my colleagues and I have accumulated a lot of experience and education in eyecare and optical product knowledge. We understand that our role is to provide eyecare advice, eyewear products and to distribute eyecare information to the community we serve. We will always do our very best to help you and assist.

Gary McQuade - Founder


Practice Manager

I have a real interest in the clinical side of our eyecare and I am responsible for using our Tearlab instrument for diagnosing and monitoring dry eye disease in our Dry Eye clinics. I am the practice expert on blepharitis and eyelid health.  I provide BlephEx eyelid hygiene therapy and advice on keeping blepharitis under […]

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Eye Health Assistant

I have been in place now for two years at Pagan & McQuade Opticians.  I now have responsibility for our suite of pre-screening instruments which form part of your initial assessment before entering the Optometrist’s consulting room.  Where age appropriate, I check eye pressures, visual fields, auto-refraction and hearing screening. As part of our Advanced […]

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Optical Advisor

My desk is closest to the entrance to Pagan & McQuade so there is a good chance that you will meet me as soon as you come in.  I like meeting people and helping them. I am studying with Anglia Ruskin University to qualify as an Optical Assistant.  The company encourages the team to be […]

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Optical Advisor (contact lens specialist)

I wear contact lenses most of the time to correct a little myopia (short sightedness, blurred distance vision). I’m wearing Dailies Total 1, a revolutionary contact lens design using water gradient technology which makes them both healthier, and so comfortable you don’t know you’re wearing them. It’s good to give your eyes a break, though, […]

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Senior Optometrist

I wear hydrogel, high water content contact lenses to correct a little short-sightedness (blurred distance vision) and of course age-related presbyopia (hardening of the lens, making it hard to focus when reading). There’s a little astigmatism too (when the eyes are not spherical). These are all common issues to correct and when choosing contact lenses […]

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Gary, Founder

Gary, Founder I’m wearing a Nine frame, which is a Japanese design, which I’ve had for about nine months. It’s very light (in fact it weighs 9 grams), but is very robust which it has to be as I’m afraid I’m not as gentle with my frame as I should be. The team chose this […]

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Senior Optometrist

I’m moderately long sighted (hypermetropic) and have been since I was 3 years old. I had to wear an eye patch at school as “lazy eye” runs in our family.  The technical name for this is amblyopia. To correct long-sightedness, lenses are thicker in the middle than at the frame edge. I wanted thinner, lighter […]

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Dispensing Optician

I love working at Pagan & McQuade Opticians.  We have a really great team and our clients make the job worthwhile.  I get such satisfaction from helping people find the perfect frame. I wear spectacles and occasionally wear contact lenses and I understand the importance of comfort as well as aesthetics. I qualified as a […]

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Dispensing Optician

I am a Dispensing Optician and I qualified many years ago when living down in Essex.  I am delighted to have relocated to Scarborough six years ago and I am now a real advocate for the area. I’m long-sighted so I need glasses to read, these are Myself varifocal lenses.  I also have astigmatism (which […]

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